the shape of the cheese

When we were in Amsterdam the weather was fantastic so everyone was out enjoying the it. People had pulled chairs and sofas out to front of their house to chill out, a lot of people were having little impromptu picnics along the side of the canal. There were also people cruising up and down the canals who looked like they were having boat picnics. Everyone is so relaxed it was excellent. A shopkeeper told us that when the weather is nice everyone just stops working and takes the rest of the day off to enjoy the sunshine. That’s the way it should be everywhere!

We didn’t have anything planned for our weekend in Amsterdam, to tell the truth when we go travelling we almost never have anything planned. The generally we wander around and eat lots of food. It usually works out pretty well!

We ended up going to cheese tasting thing at Reypenaer Cheese Tasting Rooms, it was very exciting, the room was in the shop’s basement and it was setup like a class room where everyone’s facing the front and there’s a little guillotine for the cheese and a selection of 6 cheeses. It was delicious and here’s a fact of the day: Did you know that ‘Gouda’ cheese is not a particular flavour or type of cheese? It is just the shape of the cheese (it just looks like a big wheel of cheese to me).

5 thoughts on “the shape of the cheese

  1. I really did not know that about Gouda! I’ll have to tell Nic – I don’t think he knows either! (Also, I think you should bring one of those cheese guillotines home for us, it looks so cool :p )

    • Mat didn’t know either. Apparently the Dutch government did not ‘product’ the name so anyone can make Gouda but it’s just the shape – it looks like a normal wheel of cheese but just smaller and thicker than the normal big wheels you see. I do not understand!

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